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Healthy, happy childhoods are rooted in outdoor free play! Wildrock, a local non-profit Nature Play and Discovery Center, created the Charlottesville Nature Play Map of places to play in nature in and around Charlottesville in collaboration with Convoy Website and Graphic Design and UVA’s School of Architecture.  The map raises awareness of nearby nature as a vital resource for public health. Venture beyond the playgrounds and sports fields to find forests, streams, and meadows – a wonderland for imaginative, exploratory play!  Follow the map to find the best places in Charlottesville for twelve different kinds of nature play!

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A world of nature adventures awaits you in Charlottesville’s public green spaces!! Just beyond the playgrounds and sports fields, discover streams for splashing, trees for climbing and hills for rolling! There are lots of reasons to get outside and play in nature!

Types of Nature Play

The team from UVA’s School of Architecture identified key nature play motifs that are universal and critical for healthy child development. They created a list of 12 types of nature play and assessed each park for the richness and diversity of play experiences available at each.

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Support Nature Play in our community by donating to Wildrock’s Outreach programs!