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Belmont Park


Belmont Park, Charlottesville, VA, USA

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Park Narrative Summary & Directions

Walking from the entrance at Stonehenge Ave and Rialto St leads into the grove of oak trees. The entrance at Druid and Rialto leads to the small tree corridor. There are a variety of trees (redbuds, magnolia), with a gentle slope and small twigs/flowers to collect and trade. There are huge white oaks with amazing lumpy roots to climb over, hide things under, dig under. There are some interesting grasses just around the roots that are soft, full, and comfy. Trees are large enough to hide behind and children here are using the twigs to dig around the roots. There is a big tree that can be used as a home base. There are lots of opportunities to run around, behind, and through trees and grass. Trees are “marker points” for play. Lots of little sticks and flowers to trade, collect, and use as tools.

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Risk Play Opportunities

The trees are suited for risk play since they are not too tall but would be exciting to climb and perch in.

Transportation Infrastructure

Walking, Biking, Driving/Parking, Public Transit, Street Parking. There are bus stops on some of the streets that border the park along with ample street parking, bike racks, and sidewalks.

Accessibility Considerations

There are mostly paved ramps in good condition and easy access from them to grassy areas. Otherwise there are sidewalks in good condition on either side of the trees.

Safety Factors

High visibility throughout (no low branches). Houses face onto park from all sides, makes it feel like it is a community residential space and like there is social/community trust. The corridor is close to the street but it’s not a particularly busy road.