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Biscuit Run Trail


Biscuit Run Trail, Charlottesville, VA, USA

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Park Narrative Summary & Directions

Currently, this undeveloped parkland property is not open for public access or use.

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Risk Play Opportunities

Opportunities for risk play include navigating rocky terrain and high slopes, interacting with water by jumping across streams or walking across logs. Given a dense understory in some areas there is the risk of getting scratched up during play or feeling lost.

Transportation Infrastructure

Access to the trail is severely limited. There is a lack of transportation infrastructure beyond automobile access and parking on the street of a residential neighborhood.

Accessibility Considerations

The park is not very accessible to those with mobility issues. The trail has steep slopes, requires, at times, crossing small streams. Some areas suitable for play, such as a sandy embankment are off the main trail, requiring movement through vegetated zones.

Safety Factors

The park generally feels safe. Auditors walking the trail passed other users, such as children on bikes, people running, people with dogs. There are moments where visibility is limited due to vegetation, so there may be concerns regarding keeping an eye on children.

Ecological Educational Opportunities

There are educational opportunities in experiencing the rich plant communities in this park. Erosion along the edge of Biscuit Run is a feature that can highlight the need for the protection of waterways.