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Booker T. Washington Park


Booker T. Washington Park, Preston Avenue, Charlottesville, VA, USA

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Park Narrative Summary & Directions

This is a large park at the southern edge of Charlottesville. It is a forested park, where viFrom the upper parking lot, go down the stairs. From the lower entrance, follow a path up to the boardwalk wooded area. There is a big hill, lots of pollination (including a pollinator hotel) and native woodland plants with labels. The space is excellent for hill rolling and running, has great views and places to sit/watch, and there are plenty of sticks to collect and build with.

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Risk Play Opportunities

The hill itself is risky because of the slope.

Transportation Infrastructure

Walking, Driving, Parking, Public Transit There is a parking lot and bus stop at the lower entrance with good pedestrian infrastructure but bad bike infrastructure.

Accessibility Considerations

There’s stairs and a steep hill. Lower parking lot could be accessible. Upper parking lot only connects with stairs.

Safety Factors

There is a nearby busy road, though it is separated by a topo change. There are railings on the boardwalk but no lighting on the stairs.

Ecological Educational Opportunities

The forested wetland/seepage basin is special here, like a little hollow fragment.