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Botanical Garden of the Piedmont


Botanical Garden of the Piedmont, Melbourne Road, Charlottesville, VA, USA

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Park Narrative Summary & Directions

The Botanical Garden is in the process of being constructed/created, though there are currently designated mulched paths throughout. A parking lot will be located off of Melbourne St. The entire space is wooded and abundant with places to explore, to experience plantlife, balance on logs, sit, hide, etc. There are birdhouses on trees throughout the entire space which also allow for birdwatching.

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Risk Play Opportunities

Balancing, climbing and exploring could be risky.

Transportation Infrastructure

Bike Lanes, Street Parking and there will be a Parking Lot.

Accessibility Considerations

It is currently inaccessible for those with mobility issues as the paths are not paved.

Safety Factors

This space feels extremely safe. Though there are roads nearby, there are barriers between them and the park. It backs up to Charlottesville High School, which means there are frequently other people around.

Ecological Educational Opportunities

There are plenty of educational opportunities and will certainly be more once it is completed! Many trees and plants are labeled with their names.