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Dam Trail at Swan Lake


Dam Trail, Charlottesville, VA, USA

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Park Narrative Summary & Directions

This trail follows the perimeter of Swan Lake behind the Lakeside Development. There are lake and mountain views around the trail and many smaller connector trails. The trail itself is windy and buffered with many trees and vines that create magical thresholds and opportunities for discovery and exploration. There are also plenty of sticks and rocks for collecting or trading along the trail and by the water.

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Risk Play Opportunities

There is an element of risk that comes from playing in/near the lake. There are also denser segments of woods that create opportunities to get lost.

Transportation Infrastructure

There is no parking for this space since it is technically part of the private Lakeside development. However, there is public parking at Monticello High School and trails that connect to the lake trail from there. This is a park of town that is less accessible for cyclists or pedestrians.

Accessibility Considerations

The trail is not paved and has topographical changes and roots to trip on, so it would not be very accessible for persons with mobility limitations.

Safety Factors

This space feels very safe because the trail is always close to the lake and surrounded by a school and an apartment complex.