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Greenleaf Park


Greenleaf Park, Rose Hill Drive, Charlottesville, VA, USA

Best Nature Play Themes

Park Narrative Summary & Directions

Main nature play opportunities are located on the hill next to the parking lot and the creek corridor at the southwest corner of the park. There are a variety of large and small trees that drop lots of twigs. Lots of small plants, leaves, pine cones to trade and collect. There is a slope that you could roll down with soft grass, and climbable/ perchable trees. There are a variety of entrance points to small flowing creek with rocks, twigs, and plants all around. soft and hard mud to dig and build with. Around the creek there are trees, small hills and brush to hide in and run through. There are also rocks in stream and logs to balance on/scramble across. This is a path surrounded by trees on both sides and the stream on the other. There is the potential for running, hiding, and looking at the trees and plants growing along the side of the path. There is the potential for water play but the slope is much steeper along this path than it is at the bottom of the park near the parking lot. Up the hill from the creek, there is a nice place to sit, rest, and view the creek and the sloping hill on the other side. There are plants and sticks to trade as well as great views of tall trees.

All Nature Play Themes

Risk Play Opportunities

Climbing trees, falling into the creek from sloping sides, rolling down the hill too fast.

Transportation Infrastructure

Walking, Driving/Parking, Street Parking, Public Transit, Biking. There is a bus stop on the corner of Rose Hill Ave and Greenleaf Lane as well as a parking lot and street parking.

Accessibility Considerations

It would be difficult for someone in a wheelchair to access the hill and trees. There is a paved path leading down to the stream but it would be difficult to get down to the river for individuals with mobility issues.

Safety Factors

Well-lit and visible to the parking lot and playground. It is generally safe and free of glass or other sharp objects. Potential for irritants like poison ivy or stinging nettle near the creek.

Ecological Educational Opportunities

The stream could be a useful tool to teach about the water cycle or how all water is connected. There are a few educational signs about landscaping that could attach vocabulary to lived experience.