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IX Art Park


IX Art Park, 2nd Street Southeast, Charlottesville, VA, USA

Best Nature Play Themes

Park Narrative Summary & Directions

There are entrance points from Monticello Ave, Elliot Ave, 6th St SE, and 2nd St SE. There is ample parking from any entrance point. There are three areas of play in this park. The first is a nature play space on a small hill across from JBird Coffee Roasters, where there are two large picnic tables at the base of the little hill. There is a large boulder good for scrambling at the top of the little hill and a path that leads over the hill through trees and shrubs to the other side. The second area is the grassy area in front of Brazos Tacos, which is good for picnicking and running. There is also vegetative path along the small daylit creekbed where one can observe insects, native plant species and other biodiversity. There are many areas for parents to sit and supervise, including beneath shady trees. Third, the main courtyard of IX where the farmers market is held has a sandbox, a vegetative covered dome structure, a grassy area for running, and a hill off of Monticello Ave for rolling.

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Risk Play Opportunities

Climbing the boulder on top of the little hill and rolling down the hill off of Monticello Ave could be risky.

Transportation Infrastructure

Sidewalks, Bike Lanes, Parking Lot, Street Parking, Bus Stop

Accessibility Considerations

In general, the park is accessible for those with disabilities. There are sidewalks and paved paths throughout most of the park.

Safety Factors

This space feels extremely safe. Between park users and the nearby businesses, there are almost always people around.

Ecological Educational Opportunities

This space is highly maintained. There is educational signage for ‚Äúlandscaping for biodiversity‚ÄĚ about native Virginia species.