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Jackson Via Elementary School


Jackson Via Elementary School, Harris Road, Charlottesville, VA, USA

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Park Narrative Summary & Directions

Behind the school, there are large open fields and hills great for running and hill rolling. At the back of the field is the entrance to a forested trail network behind the school. There are many smaller trails and amenities along the larger trail loop. This space is great for playing in the woods, hiding, gathering sticks, building, and exploring the trails. The space is accessible by going around either side of the school to the back.

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Risk Play Opportunities

There is some inherent risk in wandering off in the woods with commercial and residential areas adjacent to the wooded region. There are also some steep topographical changes that could create an element of risk in play.

Transportation Infrastructure

There is a parking lot at the school, a nearby bus stop, and somewhat adequate bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure.

Accessibility Considerations

Most of this area is not very accessible for persons with mobility limitations. One could access the fields if they were to go through the school, but the trails in the woods are less accessible.

Safety Factors

The biggest safety concern is the neighboring properties to the wooded region and the possibility to get lost or run into strangers.