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Jordan Park


Jordan Park, Charlottesville, VA, USA

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Park Narrative Summary & Directions

The park consists of an open greenspace with programmed amenities for picnic and play next to a wooded area along Moore’s Creek that contains a segment of the Rivanna Trail. The shallow creek creates a great opportunity for water play and rock scrambling, as well as observing aquatic wildlife like minnows. There are steep banks along the side of the creek that create opportunities for climbing and hiding. There are also a lot of opportunities to play along the Rivanna Trail, with plenty of fallen trees and dense brush creating spaces for exploring, building, and collecting.

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Risk Play Opportunities

The stream could create potential risks for small children, as well as the steep banks leading down to it.

Transportation Infrastructure

There is limited street parking at the end of 6th St. SE at the entrance to the park.

Accessibility Considerations

The trail and stream are not very accessible for persons with mobility limitations.

Safety Factors

The Rivanna Trail creates the opportunity to get lost beyond the park. The stream could also be dangerous, especially since it is out of view from the entrance to the park.

Ecological Educational Opportunities

There is a lot of erosion along the stream.