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McGuffey Park


McGuffey Park, Charlottesville, VA, USA

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Park Narrative Summary & Directions

McGuffey Park is a small park near downtown, accessible from 2nd St NE. There are stairs and a ramp leading from the street to the park. The area is highly developed with a lunge mulched playground area, a circular paved basketball court, and benches and picnic tables. The picnic tables are located on the High St side of the park. There is a beautiful Japanese Cherry tree on the corner nearest McGuffey with a nice shaded area underneath for sitting. This tree is good for climbing.

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Risk Play Opportunities

Tree climbing can be risky.

Transportation Infrastructure

Sidewalks, Bike Lanes, Street Parking, Bus Stop There is no parking lot, only street parking. There is a bike rack near the entrance.

Accessibility Considerations

There is a ramp leading from the street to the park, and brick paths around the park. These paths could be difficult for those in a wheelchair.

Safety Factors

This is a popular playground for kids to play on, so it is likely there are other people around. It is also fairly visible from 2nd St NE.

Ecological Educational Opportunities

There are fun statues outside of McGuffey that could be fun to look at and play on.