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McIntire Park


McIntire Park, U.S. 250 Bypass, Charlottesville, VA, USA

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Park Narrative Summary & Directions

The park consists of a few rooms: a hill characterized by a large meadow with scattered trees, a forested area and a programmed grassy area with fields. Access to the park is from the 250 bypass, Rugby Road, as well as the John W Warner Parkway.

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Risk Play Opportunities

There is a stream flowing through the forested area. Here a steep bank and plenty of fallen trees are potential sites for risk play.

Transportation Infrastructure

The park is easily accessible by car, with a parking lot located off of Rugby Road. Adjacent to the parking is a bus stop. Pedestrian access is from both the northern and southern ends of the park, with pathways from the north connecting via a pedestrian bridge. The park is connected to city bike routes through the John W. Warner Parkway.

Accessibility Considerations

Accessibility is varied throughout the park. An asphalt path with a moderate grade running through the cross section of the park makes it generally accessible. However, certain paths, especially those within the forested area are dirt trails crossing variegated terrain.

Safety Factors

Safety considerations may include the adjacency of some paths to an active train track with no barrier. Otherwise, especially within the meadow area there is good visibility.

Ecological Educational Opportunities

Educational opportunities may include looking at erosion along the stream. A tree nursery at the edge of the meadow provides informational signs.