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Meade Park


Meade Park, Meade Avenue, Charlottesville, VA, USA

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Park Narrative Summary & Directions

Access to the nature play area comes across a pedestrian bridge that connects the grassy field to the parking lot for the water park. There is a little stream that runs from the trees on edge of the park under the bridge that is shallow and approachable, though the water is not particularly clean. There is a covered pavilion to serve as a home base or for parents to watch their children. The main feature of the park is the hill that gently rises up at the back of the field near the Chisholm Place neighborhood entrance, which is good for hill rolling, though the park is best used as a Picnic area. The park is also accessible from a paved path from Fairway Avenue and the surrounding neighborhood. A small wooded area at the edge of the park provides some sticks and pine straw for collection, and while there are some small trees interspersed around the field (one is good for climbing), the trees at the edge provide the majority of the shade.

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Risk Play Opportunities

The stream banks are grassy and can be slippery and there are some logs for balancing.

Transportation Infrastructure

Walking, Biking, Street Parking, Parking Lot

Accessibility Considerations

The park has a nicely paved path and pavilion and is generally flat until you reach the foot of the hill, which could be a challenge to get up or down.

Safety Factors

Excellent visibility from the parking lot all through the park. Lots of surrounding neighborhoods and families make this park feel safe.