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Meadow Creek Valley


Meadow Creek valley, Charlottesville, VA, USA

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Park Narrative Summary & Directions

Next to the apartment complex off of 250, this is a section of Meadow Creek that opens into a broad floodplain valley. There is not a clear trail structure on this side, but there is easy porosity with the local residents whose front porches all face onto the creek. This creek here has recently been restored and there is lots to learn about the plants growing here. Most significantly, because the banks have been restored, and enforced with logs and rocks, there is excellent access to touch the water.

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Risk Play Opportunities

There is limited risk play. The most risk comes from the lack of trails making this quite an exploration through a riverine wetland.

Transportation Infrastructure

There is street parking next to this creek and the parking for the apartments immediately abuts. There is walking access as well from the residential neighborhood and from 250 down the street.

Accessibility Considerations

There is no formal path and there are no benches.

Safety Factors

The space feels very safe as there is visibility from multiple, actively used front porches of apartments.

Ecological Educational Opportunities

It is a restored stream which has been re-meandered. The plants used are native and designed to prevent erosion and other techniques have been used to slow water (which also make nice ripples). All-in-all, this is a great place to see the positive effects of stewardship.