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Northeast Park & Unity Field


Northeast Park, Sheridan Avenue, Charlottesville, VA, USA

Best Nature Play Themes

Park Narrative Summary & Directions

There is a stream bank at bottom of hill. There is also a path that connects Davis Park to Northeast Park, heading west after the bridge. The main entrance is from St Charles Ave, to east of the bridge. There is a variety of vegetation at the edge of the stream and exposed ground that could be used for dirt play. Plenty of sticks and woody material to use as tools or trade. There is a large log that can be crossed over the stream. There is an open and visible area and plots for home base. Variety of plant species and birds to look at. Forested area with a lot of woody matter and closed/open spaces. Trail to run on or off, change in topography makes it fun to survey. Plenty of places to hide and explore trees and wildlife(birds and squirrels). A lot of small shrubs that create interior rooms along the path. Lots of sizes and places to hide, explore, and rest in. There is a sloped grassy area with mature trees that provide shade. Lots of opportunities to explore in a self directed way, and an easy gentle, accessible water source.

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Risk Play Opportunities

Possibility for potential irritants like poison ivy, and scratches/tripping.

Transportation Infrastructure

Walking, Street Parking, Public Transit, Biking. There are sidewalks and bus stops in front of the park entrance. Walkways and trails make it accessible from three sides.

Accessibility Considerations

Very few ramps or pavement within the park to access nature play areas. Very difficult to access with mobility issues. Rough natural earth terrain.

Safety Factors

Very open and visible. Visibility of houses makes trails feel safe. You can see houses while on the path, which makes you feel less isolated.

Ecological Educational Opportunities

There are some very eroded banks and hillsides.