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Quarry Park


Quarry Park, Charlottesville, VA, USA

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Park Narrative Summary & Directions

Entry from Rivanna Trail to the east, or bridge from Quarry park to the south. Riverbank and grassy areas are south of the parking lot and north of Rivanna trail. Other areas are in the southeast corner of the park behind the eastmost baseball field. Lots of edible plants (blackberries, wild roses), draping/curtain vines provide lots of fun rooms to play hide and discover. vines available to climb or use as tools. Water access by stream, and grassy field for picnic just above creek. Rocks to balance on or scramble. Bridge to climb under and hide. Lots of wildlife - deer, birds, squirrels. Lots of vines to hide in a jump around through. Gumballs to collect and trade. Hiding, foraging, imagination landscapes through wildlife and plant life.

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Risk Play Opportunities

Potential snakes, spiders, or thorns in forest fragments. Potential for balancing/ scrambling risk with a steep bank.

Transportation Infrastructure

Walking, Street Parking, Driving/Parking. There is a parking lot off Quarry Road in the park, with ample street parking along the road. Others may choose to walk in via the Rivanna Trail which runs along the southern edge of the park.

Accessibility Considerations

Rivanna Trail is natural earth - maybe depending on the wheelchair or other mobility device. Picnic spots are accessible, banks of the stream not as much.

Safety Factors

Feels safe because there is one way in and out. Very open