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Rives Park


Rives Park, Rives Street, Charlottesville, VA, USA

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Park Narrative Summary & Directions

Accessible from Rives Street. Small open park with great mountain views. some good low trees for climbing. Lots of manmade amenities that make good picnic spaces. Surveying and tree climbing are also possible. A great place to come look at the southeast ridgeline. Restful place, but active play like tree climbing is also possible.

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Risk Play Opportunities

Climbing trees is the only risky activity in the park.

Transportation Infrastructure

Walking Driving/Parking, Street Parking,Public Transit, Biking. There is a parking lot in the park, as well as street parking and a bus stop on Rives St. All infrastructure amenities are right at the entrance.

Accessibility Considerations

There’s a flat paved path through the whole park, which makes it very accessible for individuals with disabilities.

Safety Factors

Open small space - you’re very visible throughout the entire park, and the park backs up to backyards.