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Tonsler Park


Tonsler Park, Cherry Avenue, Charlottesville, VA, USA

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Park Narrative Summary & Directions

The parking lot is off of Cherry Avenue, though you can also enter the park from 5th St at the top of the hill. There are tennis courts at the top of the park at the corner of to the parking lot, a playground, basketball Courts, building with bathrooms, and a field. The park is great for hill rolling, picnicking, and running. There are dedicated picnic areas under large trees and a large mowed field for running.

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Risk Play Opportunities

The hill is fairly steep and therefore could be risky.

Transportation Infrastructure

Sidewalks, Bike Lanes, Parking Lot, Street Parking, Bus Stop Sidewalks cover most of the park, there is ample parking, a bike rack at the entrance, and bus stops on both Cherry Ave and 5th St.

Accessibility Considerations

There are paved sidewalks and paths throughout the park as well as a ramp that goes up the hill from the parking lot to 5th St. There are bathrooms and a drop off area.

Safety Factors

The park is highly visible, both from 5th St and Cherry Ave. There are not many places people could hide as the park is an open square with clear lines of sight throughout. There are barriers between the streets and play spaces.

Ecological Educational Opportunities

There is a daily polluted stream alongside the park, below the field that could use some cleaning up. It is surrounded by prickly vines which makes it currently inaccessible. There are no significant education opportunities.